JCWS Paper on Shared Book Reading Strategies of Preschool Teachers

My paper on the assocations bewteen techers’ shared book reading teaching strategies and children’s language learning outcomes were accepted by Journal of Chinese Writing Systems. In this study, we coded shared book reading class videos of 10 village-level kindergarten classrooms and divided teachers’ strategies into two categories – textual and extratextual strategies. This study analyzed the correlation between teachers’ choice of shared book reading strategies and children’s language skills among 10 teachers and 94 children. We found that teachers’ use of textual strategies was a strong predictor of children’s language skills. Implications for teaching skills during shared book reading in rural China preschools are discussed.

He, K., & Bowman, Y. Z. (2021). Association between teachers’ shared book reading strategies and children’s vocabulary development in rural China preschools. Journal of Chinese Writing Systems, 5(3), 185-193. [PDF]